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Our Newest 94 Point Cow!

Erbcrest Howie Lynda EX-94 3E

6-02 305d 11, 907 kg 4.2 3.0 (229-260-223)
7th generation VG or EX with 25*
3 daughters 100% VG

Erbcrest Allen Melody's daughter scores VG-89 3Y at 41 days fresh!

Erbcrest Atwood Meghan VG-89 3Y  Holstein Canada
1-10 305d 10, 430 kg 4.6 3.2 (285-353-289)
1 Superior Lactation
10th generation VG or EX with 42*

Watch for her photo in a couple of months

Classification Highlights (1/17)

Erbcrest Howie Lynda    EX-94-3E
Erbcrest Atwood Mariella EX-92-2E
Erbcrest Baxter Cindy EX-91-2E
Erbcrest Windbrook Rachel EX-93
Erbcrest Snowman Rory EX-92
Erbcrest Planet Myrna EX-90
Erbcrest Atwood Meghan VG-89 3Y
Erbcrest Aftershock Marlee VG-88
Erbcrest Shottle Marja VG-88
Erbcrest Atwood Lynelle VG-87
Erbcrest Brawler Meg VG-87
Erbcrest Dempsey Nora VG-87
Erbcrest Doorman Lisa VG-87
Erbcrest Let It Snow Rosita VG-87
Erbcrest Satchel Tiffany P VG-87
Erbcrest Sudan Sienna VG-87
Erbcrest Sympatico Rhoda VG-87
Erbcrest Aftershock Marjie VG-86 2Y
Erbcrest Atwood Lilac VG-85 2Y
Erbcrest Cancun Robina VG-85 2Y
Erbcrest Mack Myra VG-85 2Y

Classifier Visits Erbcrest (1/17)

**3 New EX**
**3 EX Multiple**
**15 VG (4 VG 2Y)**

Website updated (1/17)

Our entire website has been updated!
Old information has been deleted
and new cows have been added!
At this point we have no embryos on inventory!
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a
flush from one of our cow families!

Take a look and see what's new at Erbcrest in 2017!

Happy New Year!

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful!"

Wishing you all the best in 2017!

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